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Individuals diagnosed as having a serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) by a qualified professional who meet income guidelines for the program and face a housing crisis or consistent need.


Supported Housing Program


Our Supported Housing Program is a mental health housing assistance program and is the least restrictive option in the continuum of residential services.


The Supported Housing Program provides on-going rental subsidies to individuals who qualify due to a serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) documented by a qualified professional and who meet income guidelines.  Individuals meet with the Program Coordinator monthly to discuss their progress and any housing issues.

Length of Stay

Similar to other programs, the length of stay varies depending on the circumstances of the individual, their income, and their ability to access alternative housing subsidies.


Individuals participating in this program must report changes in household income and household composition to the Program Manager.  They must pay their rent on time, uphold any agreements they have with their landlords, and apply for other housing benefits for which they may be eligible, such as Section 8 Housing.  Individuals must meet with the Program Coordinator in their home at least once every three months.




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