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Intentive Case Management Children

For more information, contact Care Coordination

at (607) 756-5992 ext. 141

or by e-mail:

Access to Care Coordination Services

Referral for services may be made directly to Catholic Charities.


There is no charge for Care Coordination services. 

Community Care Coordination Serving Children

Care Coordination offers community-based support to children & youth with serious emotional disturbance (SED), a history of trauma, and/or chronic physical health conditions. These services help children and their families focus on improving mental and physical health, avoiding hospitalization, managing episodes of illness, and maintaining stability at home and in school. 

Children, together with their families, work with a Care Manager to achieve their individual goals. Care Coordination consists of face-to-face visits with children, their families and other members of the child's support network. By coordinating necessary resources, we can help support the child and family in times of crisis and to facilitate a plan for long term recovery. 

Serious Mentally Disturbed Youth Cortland NY
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