Supported Employment for Mental Health



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JobQuest Program

Our JobQuest program provides paid work opportunities for those in recovery from mental health conditions who want to develop new job skills and/or refresh work habits.


Typical opportunities include lawn care, snow removal, helping clients move, and assisting with deliveries.  These opportunities help our participants develop interpersonal skills and help prepare them for permanent employment.



Participants will often work as a team and have the opportunity to develop employment and social skills in addition to working cooperatively with others. Participation varies based on individual needs and capabilities. 


Typical Length of Involvement

Length of participation is determined on an individual basis and may vary from a few months to a few years, depending on circumstances and ability to gain skills while participating.


Program Expectations

As participants are employees of Catholic Charities, all participants are expected to follow agency employment policies and procedures. These include adhering to the Drug Free Workplace Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Youth Protection Guidelines, and others that apply to the daily operations of the agency.