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Pathways to Reentry

Pathways Reentry Services is dedicated to helping people who have been or are currently incarcerated. Our mission is to eliminate systemic barriers that hinder successful reentry and help individuals transition into the community by providing essential tools, support and resources.

While in this program, people who have been incarcerated are supported in their efforts to become employed and involved in healthy lifestyles. We approach this work by considering overlapping human needs, such as safe and affordable housing, education and employment, transportation, health care, social and family networks, and recovery.

As part of this effort, we activate a network of services so that participants can reconnect or maintain family and community ties, access available resources and support, and reduce the negative consequences of incarceration. Some of the organizations we work with provide:

  • Legal Assistance

  • Social Services and Benefits

  • Healthcare

  • Mental Health Support

  • Housing Assistance

  • Employment Guidance

  • Educational Services

  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Support

  • Social and Personal Supports

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